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sitcomathon's Journal

The Very First Possibly Annual Sitcomathon
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Announcing -- believe it or not -- Sitcomathon 2014.

AO3 - Sitcomathon 2014 | Tumblr | Dreamwidth

The second ever definitely-not-annual Sitcomathon: a fanfiction gift exchange to celebrate sitcoms, a woefully under-ficced genre. Sign up, write a fic of at least 500 words for your recipient, receive a gift, CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES.

Signups close Sunday, July 27, 2014, noon EDT
Assignments sent ASAP
Assignments due Sunday, September 7, noon EDT
Works revealed Sunday, September 14

This is your chance to request the Rosa Diaz spaceship a/u of your dreams. Or Ilana and Abbi playing Never Have I Ever. Or that one night Ted and Barney never talk about. See all eligible fandoms here.

You can also/alternately sign up to pinch hit and grab a yummy set of prompts in search of a writer.

Please signal boost far and wide!


In memory of iamsab, Sitcomathon founder and the funniest, brilliantest sitcom fic writer of them all. We miss you all the time.


Sitcomathon 2006 on AO3 - add your fic!

[Legacy rules, 2006 edition]

Welcome to SITCOMATHON '06!


Here's what we do. In July of 2006, people came from miles around, as if drawn by some strange and alien psycho beam. Here, they requested sitcom fic from their favorite sitcoms (Natalie/Dana! Brian/Stewie! Rachel/Phoebe! Hawkeye/Trapper!) or crossover fic from their favorite sitcoms (Michael Bluth/Michael Scott! Jim/Pam/J.D.! Bender/Dr. Cox! Beth/Natalie!). They also listed sitcoms they felt comfortable writing.


On MONDAY JULY 31st, assignments are sent, secretly, to writers, who are then tasked with writing ONE of the assignments out of the five or six prompts they receive. People are matched by fandom and talent, by sense of humor and responsibility and sexual preference and the price of tea in China.


Your job! Sometime before HALLOWEEN, 2006 (October 31) -- write AS MANY of your assignment's prompts as you can, at a MINIMUM of 500 words apiece.


The stories are posted, recipients clap their hands with glee, the world collapses under the weight of the awesomeness produced herein.


The unfilled requests will be offered to the public at large, so that someday, maybe, if we're lucky, EVERYONE will get the SITCOM FIC SHE DESERVES.


Read the posts herein for more information, or go stalk yer moderators, iamsab and kyrafic, who only bite if you ask 'em to.