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The Office/Arrested Development, "Mututal Admiration Society" - The Very First Possibly Annual Sitcomathon

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Sitcomathon '06 Masterlist

November 6th, 2006

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09:09 pm - The Office/Arrested Development, "Mututal Admiration Society"
Fandom: The Office w/ a bit of Arrested Development
Title: Mutual Admiration Society
Author: smartlikejustin
Rating: PG
Pairing: Michael, GOB
Written for: likethesun2
Summary: it was always so hard to find people who were able to adequately execute his vision

Michael leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes. He momentarily imagined himself giving a business seminar one day. Dwight would introduce him, of course, something too long, but heart-felt and Michael would cough gently from the wings to let Dwight know that he was going long. Michael would enter as Dwight said, "my mentor, President and CEO of Dunder-Mifflin Paper Company." Cue thunderous applause.

Michael blinked back to reality and stood up, joining the clapping. He kept clapping as he stepped into the aisle and looked over his shoulder as he found the perfect balance of appreciative and casual for his expression. He walked towards the backstage entrance-- really the door to the boys' locker room since there was no actual stage in the Scranton High School gymnasium. They'd done a nice job covering it with white paper and the Bluth corporate logo. Michael wondered what underling had made the decision to print it in black and white and also hopelessly off-center. Pam had done the same thing with Michael's anti-sexual harrassment posters in the kitchen. He sighed heavily-- it was always so hard to find people who were able to adequately execute his vision.

Michael leaned-- casual, cool, in no way suspicious-- against the door. The seminar attendees were starting to make their way towards the tables in the back. Some of the high school students were using the opportunity to run a bake sale. Michael noticed a stack of chocolate-covered pretzels, but he didn't have time for food now. He waited until he was sure everyone had fallen for his nothing-to-see-here attitude, pulled open the locker room door, and slipped inside.

There was a Segway propped against one row of lockers and Michael paused to admire it. He had almost bought one once, but no matter how cool it looked, it wasn't worth the concussion that resulted from using it on stairs when the elevator was out of order. And that one time he was bored after lunch on a Thursday.

"Hey, you!" someone shouted behind him and Michael turned quickly.

"No, it's okay-- I'm supposed to be here," he said to the blonde. "I have an appointment with Mr. Bluth."

She looked him up and down and said, "You're here to help him?"

Michael grinned. "Absolutely." He wasn't surprised that Bluth already knew of Michael's ideas.

"I was expecting someone--" the girl shook her head. "Shorter." Michael stood up straight. "Alright, fine-- follow me."

They walked to the back of the locker room to the showers. One of the curtains was pulled and the girl knocked on it.


"Mr. Bluth, he's here."

Michael hadn't realized Bluth would be expecting him, but then, someone with such resources and talent would certainly scout the important seminar attendees. This was the exact reason Michael was always encouraging Dwight to improve his intelligence-gathering skills.

The curtain pushed back with a flourish and the President of the Bluth Company stepped out, flowing silk sleeve brushing out in front of him. "Hello!" he said, the sound echoing against the tile of locker room.

"Hi, Mr. Bluth." Michael took Bluth's hand and shook it. "I am a huge fan. When my receptionist gave me the flyer advertising this business seminar, I signed up right away and--" Michael paused, dropping his hand to his side. "But then, I'm sure you know all that. You seem to know all about me."

Bluth frowned. "I do?" He shook his head. "I mean, yes, yes, of course I do." He turned to the blonde. "Who exactly is here?"

She glared and turned sharply, walking away and muttering something about "not worth the extra credit."

Bluth shrugged and turned back. "Well then, yes, I was expecting you. But I have a magic show to put on in just a few minutes so perhaps--"

Michael nodded, "Oh, yes, here's everything." He handed over the folder and hoped Pam had printed everything as requested. "Mr. Bluth, what I--"

"Call me GOB," he said flipping quickly through the paper samples and charts. "This is fascinating."

Michael was impressed at how Bluth--GOB seemed to be able to pick up so much information just by glancing at each page. Perhaps he would take a speed-reading class. "I think our companies could have a great future together. Your foward-thinking, our high-quality product--" Michael trailed off as he watched GOB make a paper flower out of one of the samples.

GOB nodded and made the paper flower disappear. Michael thought he could see the corner of it poking out of GOB's sleeve, but he pointedly looked away. GOB shook his arm a few times and then smiled widely at Michael. "You look like a--" GOB frowned, then the smile returned. "--great guy. And the kid who was supposed to help out with the magic, um, part of the seminar doesn't seem to be around. Would you--"

"Absolutely." Michael followed GOB towards the locker room door. "I can tell a few jokes if you want."

"Sure, sure." GOB opened the door and Michael heard the applause. He followed GOB onto the stage, to begin what was sure to be the next stage in his career.

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Date:November 9th, 2006 03:52 am (UTC)
HEE. Oh man, this is great. Gob and Michael - the olympics of patheticness.

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