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FIC: The One with The "British" Doctor (House/Friends x-over) - The Very First Possibly Annual Sitcomathon

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Sitcomathon '06 Masterlist

November 5th, 2006

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12:42 pm - FIC: The One with The "British" Doctor (House/Friends x-over)
So I wrote this story in a flash of weirdness, and then I discovered this community and hey, suddenly I wasn't the only one insane enough to write sitcom fic! Even though I didn't participate in the ficathon, the mod told me I could post this here - so allow me to dedicate it to everyone in this community crazy enough to be reading and writing these stories...

Title: TOW The "British" Doctor
Fandoms: House MD/Friends crossover
Rating: PG
Summary: It's... I mean... do you really need a summary? Wilson POV.
A/N: The story was 100% inspired by Hugh Laurie's guest appearance on Friends, the clip of which you can (and should!) watch right here. In case you don't watch it, I'm attaching the transcript of those two scenes for your enjoyment... and I do hope you enjoy :-) Much, much thanks to theninth for the beta and the title, which I find particularly brilliant. Thank you!

[Rachel's on her way to London to tell Ross she loves him before he marries Emily. She's sitting next to our dashing Gentleman On The Plane]

(Rachel's tapping her fingers annoyingly on the seat.)

GOTP: "Er, er… excuse me."

Rachel: "Yeah?"

GOTP: "If you're planning on doing that throughout the entire flight, please tell me now. So that I can take a sedative." (Mutters) "Or perhaps slip you one."

Rachel: "I'm sorry, I'm , uhm, very sorry. Sorry." (Sigh.) "It's just I'm, uh… I'm kind of excited. I'm, um, I'm going to London to, uh, to tell this guy that I love him."

(GOTP makes bored face and puts on earmuffs.)


Rachel's explaining the situation with Ross to another passenger...)

Rachel: "And I realized all this stuff I'd been doing, proposing to Joshua, lying to Ross about why I couldn't come to the wedding, was all just a way of—"

GOTP: "Whoa, oh, oh, oh! I'm sorry, can I interrupt? You know, I just want to say that you are a horrible, horrible person."

Rachel: "P-pardon me?"

GOTP: "You say you love this man, and yet you're about to ruin the happiest day of his life! I'm afraid I have to agree with your friend Pheebs. This is a, this is a terrible, terrible plan."

Rachel: "But he has to know how I feel."

GOTP: "But why? He loves this Emily person. No good can come of this."

Rachel: "Uh. Well I think you're wrong."

GOTP: (with mock-distressed face) "Oh, no!"

Rachel: "W-h- he doesn't really love her, it's just a rebound thing from me! You'll see."

GOTP: "Fortunately, I won't. And by the way, it seems to be perfectly clear that you were on a break."

(and a fake-cut to the actual fic)

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