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Sitcomathon Returns: Faster, Funnier, Sitcomathoner - The Very First Possibly Annual Sitcomathon

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Sitcomathon '06 Masterlist

July 16th, 2014

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11:10 pm - Sitcomathon Returns: Faster, Funnier, Sitcomathoner
Well.  Hi there.  Bet didn't think you'd see a post from this community ever again.  But this is to announce -- believe it or not -- Sitcomathon 2014.

AO3 - Sitcomathon 2014 | Tumblr | Dreamwidth

The second ever definitely-not-annual Sitcomathon: a fanfiction gift exchange to celebrate sitcoms, a woefully under-ficced genre. Sign up, write a fic of at least 500 words for your recipient, receive a gift, CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES.  Please signal boost far and wide!

Signups close Sunday, July 27, 2014, noon EDT
Assignments sent ASAP
Assignments due Sunday, September 7, noon EDT
Works revealed Sunday, September 14

This is your chance to request the Rosa Diaz spaceship a/u of your dreams. Or Ilana and Abbi playing Never Have I Ever. Or that one night Ted and Barney never talk about. See all eligible fandoms here.

You can also/alternately sign up to pinch hit and grab a yummy set of prompts in search of a writer.


P.S. For the true veterans who served in the salt mines of Sitcomathon '06, you can add your 2006 fic to the AO3 collection! Which would be awesome of you.
In memory of iamsab, Sitcomathon founder and the funniest, brilliantest sitcom fic writer of them all. We miss you all the time.

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