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Our Lives Together - The Very First Possibly Annual Sitcomathon

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Sitcomathon '06 Masterlist

June 22nd, 2007

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01:36 am - Our Lives Together

So I know it's my birthday now but I decided spread my joy to those of you who like my writing and decided to post on of my fics for my table.  I think this was the longest one because it spanned almost ten pages.  Anyways, enough with the rambling, hope you enjoy it.

Title:  Our Lives Together
Pairing: John Dorian/Perry Cox
Prompt: 037: Life
Word Count: ~750
Rating: PG
Spoilers: none but some characters may be alittle OCC
Warnings: slash
Authors Notes: They save that your life never truly begins to you meet the person you want to spend eternity with


J.D was sitting the lounge of the hospital, talking to his newest crush on one of nursed named Amanda Phillips. While they were talking, Dr. Cox seemed to come out of nowhere and grabbed J.D by the ear, pulling him to the nearest empty room and locking the door behind them.

“Dr. Cox, what the hell-”

“Shut and listen Samantha. Now I know that you are trying to find that special boy that will take away your virginity after he falls in love with you but you cannot just try to sleep with every piece of ass out there that you see. Don’t you know what kind of diseases are out there Charlotte.”

“Very funny Dr. Cox. Of course I know what kind of diseases are out there because I happen to be a doctor” J.D laughed as he walked towards the door. “And I have you know that I always practice safe sex.”

“Newbie don’t you walk out of that door.”

“Are you aware that I have the nurse right where I want her? I could be taking her out tonight and do you know what that means.

“You’ll be in bed by ten o’clock tonight.”

“If we go to an early dinner yes, but that’s not what I meant by that. What I meant is that she could be the one”

“I don’t think you should go out with her,” Dr. Cox whispered softly as he advanced his way to J.D.

“Dr. Cox why are you always trying to stop me from going on dates. It’s like you want me for yourself and if I didn‘t know any better-.” J.D laughed again but stopped when Perry grabbed him by the arm and pulled him close to him. He could feel the older man’s breath tickle his ear as he spoke again.

“So what if I do?”

“Excuse me”

“I said What. If. I. do?”


J.D didn’t have time to answer before Perry pressed his lips against his. All other thoughts flew out of the window and he was quickly wrapped into the kiss. Throwing one hand into the older doctor’s hair, he tightly grasped the sandy blonde curls pulling him as close as he could possible get. He didn’t know why, but he found himself easily accepting of the kiss and drove his tongue further into Perry’s mouth. One thought that remained clear in his mind though, he was glad that Perry locked the door.

“I can’t believe that you did that.” J.D screamed at Perry, pulling away from him. His eyes were puffy from crying, face red from anger and tears steady dropping from his eyes. “I can’t believe that you slept with Jordan.

“I said I was sorry, I didn’t mean for it to happen.” Perry tried to reason with him but J.D didn’t seem to care.

“So are you telling me that you tripped and fell inside of her, over and over again? I don’t think so Perry.”

“I was upset; I thought that we were over-.”

“It was a stupid fight Perry, couples fight and you couldn’t handle that for a couple of hours; for six freaking hours.”

“I was drunk, angry and stupid and she was there. We just have this history and-.”

“Well since you two have history together then maybe you should be with her, I’m sure you want to”

“I don’t want Jordan, I want you. How many times can I say is that I’m sorry?” pulling J.D back into his arms, holding him close. He knew that he had done something wrong but he would fight to keep J.D in his life. “I’m really sorry.”

“It’s not enough and no matter how many times you say it or what you say, it will never be enough.” J.D hissed, pulling away again. He couldn’t believe that someone that he loved would do that to him. After everything they had went through to be together and to have this happen; it was too much for him to handle.

“J.D please.” Perry whispered walking over to J.D. “Are you saying that we can’t see past this? Do you want me to leave?” He waited for J.D to respond but instead all he got was silence. Taking that as a sign, he turned to walk towards the door when J.D finally spoke again.

“You hurt me.”

“I know.”

“You hurt me more than anyone has ever hurt me. I didn’t even think that you could but you did.” turning around to face Perry again. Perry could see the pain that was in his eyes, tears clouding his vision. Seeing J.D like that made him want to cry also.

“I know and it’s killing me to see you like this.” Perry whispered as he walked over to J.D pulling him into a hug. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry for hurting you.”

At first J.D was resistant but he eventually let Perry hold him. They both fell to the floor and Perry just held J.D as he continued to cry. He knew that in his heart he would never do anything to put him in this state again.

Moving In

“Perry, let go. I have to get ready for work” J.D whined as he tried to move out of Perry’s arm but Perry just held him closer.

“You don’t have to be in for another hour, what’s the rush.”

“The rush is I live all the way across town and I have to go home to get ready for work. We all can’t live ten minutes away from the hospital like you.” J.D replied rolling over to face Perry. “Plus Kelso will start riding me hard if I’m late again.”

“You better be kidding Marsha,” Perry growled, moving J.D as close as he could possibly get; which wasn‘t much closer but he didn‘t seem to notice much less notice.

“Please, that is just too gross to think about” J.D smirked as he kissed Perry on the lips. “But it doesn’t change the fact that I need to leave so I can go get ready for work.”

“It would be easier if you just- I don’t know, moved in with me”

“Are you serious?” J.D asked shocked. True, most of the time, he stayed at Perry’s but he didn’t feel like he was ready to move in with somebody. He had never lived with someone he was in a relationship with and he didn’t want to move to fast.

“Well yeah, I‘ve been thinking about it for a while now. I mean you’re over all the time anyways and this way you won’t be late to work every morning.” Perry smiled as he kissed J.D’s forehead. “Look I’m not saying that you have to move in now, I just wanted to let you know that you can whenever you want.”

“I don’t know what to say-.”

“Say you’ll think about it.”

J.D was still in shock as he sat up when Perry moved his arm and reached over in his dresser for something to pull out. Perry grabbed his hand and placed something silver inside his hand. J.D opened his hand and realized that it was a key to Perry’s apartment.

“For when you do decide to move in”

J.D wrapped the key in his hand and smiled. He looked at Perry and lay back down in the bed beside him. Perry looked over him in confusion when he saw J.D pull the sheets back over his body.

“What are you doing? I thought you had to get ready for work.”

“I do” J.D laughed. “But I think that I could spend a few more minutes in our apartment in our bed with you.”

“So you’re moving in?”

“Yeah. I guess I am.”


“Guys I told you last year that I didn’t want anything for my birthday, just a nice birthday dinner with my friends.”

“We know Bambi, but cards aren’t really gifts. You and Turk exchange cards every month”

“That’s different. You know every 14th is friendship day.” J.D replied.

“Yeah Carla, and you know that’s a very special occasion. It’s the date that we met”

“I find it a shame that you can remember you and J.D’s anniversary but not ours.”

“Baby, now is not the time to be jealous; we are here to celebrate J.D’s birthday. Now read my card, it‘s so awesome.” he replied, handing J.D a bag with Smurfs all over it.

“You’re the best ever and our friendship’s tight. I hope your birthday is dynamite,” J.D read aloud as he pulled something out of the bag. “Oh my God, Gilmore Girls box set seasons one through six, Turk how awesome. You know how much I love Lorelei and Rory banter; they‘re so clever.”

“Yeah I was hoping that we could watch that the next time that we hang out.”

“Of course, you know it playa”

“Oh God” Carla said rolling her eyes. “Here’s my card J.D, hope you like it.”

“There’s no one quite like you and I wouldn’t change that for anything. That’s beautiful, me gusto”

“Have you been reading my Spanish dictionary again?”


“Alright there sorority sisters break it up” Perry huffed as he made his way over to J.D and threw a card down in front of him. It was a regular looking card inside a regular white envelope but he knew that J.D would think it was perfect. “Here’s my card Cecilia.”

“You didn’t have to get me-”

“Just read the damn card.”

“Okay grumpy much.” J.D smirked. “Fine it says that these past two years have been absolutely wonderful and I am so glad that I have someone in my life like you. I couldn’t imagine my life without you and I want to know will you marry me.”

Carla and Turk looked at each in shock while J.D just folded the card up and looked back at Perry.

“That was beautiful, thank you.” he smiled and then turned his attention back towards Carla and Turk, still not getting what was on the card. “So where should we go for dinner tonight? I was thinking something very fancy but-”

“Bambi…don’t you have something to say to Perry?” a stun Carla stuttered to a nonchalant J.D.

“What, I did say thank you right.”

“No, to the question that he asked you…in the card.” Turk replied slowly, hoping J.D would catch on to what he was saying.

“What question Turk; I mean the only question that he asked me was will I marry him.” J.D laughed. Suddenly J.D stopped laughing and turned his attention back to Perry who had a serious smile on his face. “You asked me to marry you.”

“That I did Sally.”

“You really want to marry me?”

“That’s what I asked didn’t I”

“I mean-why do you want to marry me?”

“Because I want to spend the rest of my life with you”



J.D didn’t respond but instead pulled Perry into a hug and kissed him passionately on the lips, both obliviously from the claps and awes in the background. Perry didn’t have to ask him again because he already knew the answer to it.


“Perry you may say what you have written.”

“If you ask anyone I’m not the easiest person to get along with” Perry started to say causing everyone to in the room to laugh. “I come off as a complete jackass and nobody really likes me. Nobody but you. You saw that I had a good inside, even if I didn’t like to show it. You gave me a reason to want to be a better person and I’m happy to be committing to you today because I don’t want to ever commit to someone else.”

“That is so beautiful” Elliot sniffed and replied loudly causing everyone in the room to look at her, telling her to be quiet. “Sorry-it just-continue.”

“J.D, you may say what you have written”

“If someone would have told me four years ago that I would fall in love and marry my boss, I would have been a little skeptical. If someone had told me that I would fall in love and marry you, I would have told him or her that they were crazy but here we are, standing in front of all our friends declaring that we are going to spend the rest of our lives together. And a part of me is scared of what the future holds but I know that as long as I have you, I have nothing to be afraid of.”

Perry and J.D looked into each other’s eyes and just stared as the man in front of them told them to seal their union with a kiss. J.D smirked as he grabbed Perry by the waist and pulled him into a tight hug, kissing him passionately on the lips. Both men could agree that this was the happiest day of their lives.


“Newbie what are you looking at?” Perry asked J.D walking up to him, wrapping on arm around his waist.

“Um nothing” J.D stuttered as he used his free hand to cover up the papers he was looking at.

“Come on Martha, you can tell me.”

“We’ve been married for two years now and you’re still calling me girl’s names. Will it ever end?”

“What do you think Moesha?”

“I think no and today must be M day” J. D smiled as he moved his hand to show Perry what he was looking at.

“Adoption pamphlets. This is what has been occupying all your time with lately.”

“Yeah” J.D sighed. “I didn’t tell you because I know that you were call me a bigger girl but every since I was kid I knew that I wanted children.”

“And because you married me, that dream can’t come true”

“Don’t think for a second that I regret being with you because I don’t” turning around so that he was facing Perry. “I just wish that we had someone to share our love with, a child who needs as much love as we are willing to give.”

“You should have come to me about it,” Perry whispered as J.D placed one arm around his neck.

“I know, don’t think that I didn’t want too but I know that you hate kids.”

“I don’t hate kids” Perry smirked pulling J.D closer. “I just have a strong dislike for them, but I wouldn’t hate them so much if they belonged to us.”

“So what are you saying?”

“I’m saying that if you want to adopt a child then I’m with you every step of the way.”


“Yeah why not, I mean you would make the perfect mother” he tried to say but J.D had already broken away from the hug and grabbed his pamphlets. “Where are you going?”

“I have adoption agencies to call. I’m getting a kid,” he screamed as he ran down the hallway. Perry just shook his head and walked back down to check on the patient. He didn’t know what the hell that he gotten himself into but it was worth it made J.D happy.

Letting Go

“I don’t want him to go.”

Perry sighed and went over to J.D, pulling him into a hug. He had been hearing this all morning and he wanted him to sit down and calm his nerves.

“J.D, it’s his time.”

“Perry” hissing as he jerked away from the older man. “He still needs us.”

“Newbie its kindergarten, he‘ll be back at two-thirty and Izzy will be there with him.”

“Who cares about Izzy, we’re talking about Sammy here. It’s full day kindergarten, don’t pretend that it’s the same day as half day kindergarten because it‘s not.”

“He’s five; it’s time for him to start school.”

“Maybe we can home school him, that way he doesn’t have to leave home” J.D replied hopefully, only to be pulled back to reality by Perry again.

“And when will we have time to school him Darla. Did you forget that we are both doctors?”

“We can always hire a tutor”


“Alright, alright” J.D sighed giving up and grabbing the backpack from the table. Seconds later a boy came running downstairs, his blonde hair blowing in the wind. He walked over to J.D and grabbed his backpack from his hand.

“I’m ready, I’m ready. I’m ready-”

“Someone has been watching too much Spongebob.” Perry laughed ruffling his son’s hair while looking at J.D.

“It’s not my fault” J.D scowled as he grabbed his coat. “And besides, it’s educational TV.”

“To idiots yeah” Perry said as he grabbed his jacket to and grabbed the little boys to walk out of the door. “Come on Sammy, time for school.”

“You’re going too”

“Well I figured that your mom will be an emotional wreck so somebody has to make sure that she doesn’t make a complete fool out of herself dropping you off in front of your friends.”

“You’re funny daddy,” Sammy laughed as he ran out of the door.

“I know son, I know”

“You’re not that funny,” J.D growled walking out behind Sam. He rolled his eyes as he walked out the door that only earned him a slap on the ass from Perry. He couldn’t help but smile and turned to kiss Perry on the lips before running after their son.

“Yes Newbie, yes I am”


“Perry would you stop pacing, everything is going to be fine”

“No it’s not,” Perry, growled sitting back down beside J.D who was lying in a hospital bed; attached to a variety of machines. “You’ve been sick for the past couple of weeks and today you pass out.”

“I’m going to be fine, I told you that.”

“Well I don’t believe you.”

“As doctors we have to see the bright side of things.”

“And as doctors we also know that we can’t eliminate all the possibilities” sighing as he looked over at J.D and placed a kiss on his forehead. “I’m just scared okay”

“And you think that I’m happy that I’m lying in a hospital bed instead of going to my son’s baseball game.”

“He’s thirteen, I’m sure Sammy won’t mind.”

“I know but I can’t help it. I’ve always been there to watch him play and I don’t want that to stop now.”

“And you won’t have too”

Perry and J.D look up to see the doctor standing at the door smiling at them.

“So what’s wrong with me doc, am I going to be alright?”

“You’re going to be just fine as long as you stop eating so much sugar and take insulin shots every day.”

“You mean to tell me that after two weeks of being sick and passing out, all I have Diabetes.”

“Yes, I’m sorry to tell you that you do but it isn’t life threatening if you follow all the guidelines like eating right and exercising more.”

“But I’m a doctor how come I didn’t figure it out.”

“Well because as doctors we always seem to make something as small as a cough into something big like Cancer. You were probably so worried that it could have been something big that you forgot to think about the small stuff.”

“Thank you Dr. Edwards.” J.D smiled.

“You’re welcome Dr. Dorian, Dr. Cox” Dr. Edwards smiled back. “Just make sure you follow the plan and take your insulin shots like you’re supposed to.”

“Don’t worry Dr. Edwards, he will” Perry answered for J.D and smiled as the doctor left out of the room.

“Thanks for answering for me”


“I told you that everything will be okay”

“You’re now a diabetic, I don’t think that counts as okay.”

“I’m not dying am I? Just thank you’re lucky stars for that.”

“I am, don’t worry I am” Perry smiled as he kissed J.D again. He smiled when J.D patted the side of his bed, inviting Perry to sit in the bed beside him. He positioned his body so that J.D could lay his head on his chest, while he stroked his hair. They both fell silent as they listened to the heart monitor’s beeping.

“Don’t scare me like that again,” Perry whispered.

“Don’t worry, I won’t” J.D replied.

Family Time

“Perry just pull over and ask for directions,” an annoyed J.D hissed at his partner who just seemed to ignore him, keeping his eyes on the road.

“I don’t need to ask for directions, I know where I’m going”

“Oh really” J.D smirked as he Perry looked at him, “Then why have we passed this same sign three times already.

“Busted dad.” A sixteen-year Samuel mocked in the backseat causing his girlfriend to laugh along with him.

“Yeah Uncle Perry, you are so busted.”

“See, even the children agree with me so please pull over and ask for directions.

“Fine” Perry sighed as he turned their car into the nearest gas station. He pulled up to a pump and signaled for the guy standing next to another pump to come over.

“Can I help you?” the man smiled as he made his way over.

“Yes, can you help us?” J.D smiled, speaking before Perry could; knowing that he was already upset and asking a stranger for directions would make him even more upset. “We’re lost and we’re looking for Bradley street.”

“Bradley street” the man laughed. “You looking for Bradley street, why that’s right up the road but instead of making a right, you make a left.”

“A left."

“Isn’t that where Uncle J.D said to turn about twenty minutes ago?” Izzy snickered as she put her hand over her mouth to hide her laugh.

“Can it you two or you’ll walking the rest of the way home.”

“Anyways, thanks for your help” J.D smiled as the man went back to his car and Perry drove them out of the parking lot. He looked over at Perry and kissed him softly on the cheek and grabbed his hand; resting his head on his shoulder. “So…did he say turn left?”

“Shut up” Perry sneered as he turned a left and right in front of him was the street they had spent twenty minutes trying to find.

“I love you too.” was all J.D said as they pulled to the house, Perry smiling the entire time as they entered inside ready to start their fmily vacation.

“I can’t believe that our son graduated from college today.” J.D cried. “It just seemed like yesterday he was asking me to cut his sandwich into triangles”

“That was yesterday Jessica”

“Well I didn’t want him to choke on it”

“He’s twenty-one; I think he knows how to chew.” Perry laughed as he sipped on his drink. He looked around the room and saw his 6’0 foot son standing next to an average height brown skin woman with curly black hair. The pair walked over to Perry and J.D, the woman kissing Perry on the cheek.

“Hey Dads” Sam smiled giving J.D a hug and Perry a handshake.

“Hey son”

“Hey Uncle Perry, uncle J.D”

“Hey Isabella” Perry smiled. “Are you keeping my son in check?”

“Yes I am, in fact-” she smiled as she pulled out her hand to show off a small diamond ring on her ring finger. “He asked me to marry him,” she screamed.

“Oh my God” J.D screamed as he pulled her into a hug, squeezing her tight. “I can’t believe after almost 10 years of being together, he finally popped the question. You know what this means right”

“That you finally have the daughter you always wanted”

“No silly, once Sam and Isabella have a kid me and Turk will really be related.”

“Why do I even bother?” Perry sighed as he sipped his drink again. He looked up and noticed that J.D had already gone to find Turk and tell him the good news. He could here both of the screaming and jumping up and down as Carla just rolled her eyes and walked away from the two of them.


“I can’t believe that it’s ending like this” J.D replied, tears in his eyes as he leaned over the bed and looked at Perry. Perry just smiled in return and slowly shook his head.

“Don’t say things like that, you’re going make me throw up with all this sweetness?”

“Stop trying to be funny, I’m serious”

“J.D, I am being serious too. It’s just my time to go”

“But I don’t want you to go”

“It’s not up to you Felicia” Perry replied softly as he lifted his hand to grab his lover’s hand. He could see the sadness in his eyes and wished that he could do something to take it away but he knew he couldn’t. His time was up on this earth, he just wish J.D would see that.

“I can’t live my life without you” J.D whispered as he sat on the bed. He couldn’t believe that all that he worked for in his life was ending like this. The person that he loved for half his life was saying his final goodbyes. The tears fell down his face as he buried it into Perry’s chest. “I don’t want to be alone.”

“And you won’t be alone.” Perry replied stroking J.D’s hair. “You still have Carla Gandhi, Barbie and their children. Moreover, you can’t forget about Samuel and Isabella, and our wonderful grandkids Katherine and Joshua. They love their grandpa J.D”

“And they love their grandpa Perry but they won’t get to see you anymore and neither will I”

“I’ll never be far from you. I’ll be with you always in spirit”

“What if that’s not enough?”

“It will be”

“Will it hurt?”


“When you die, will it hurt?”

“Yeah it will for a while” Perry sighed. “But you will slowly move on from it and it will get better.”

“You promise.”

“Yeah I do.

J.D got up and ran his hand across Perry’s cheek. He could feel the wetness on Perry’s cheek and could tell that he had been crying along with him. He knew that the days that they had left was few in numbers but he was going to appreciate every one of them.

Moving On

J.D smiled as he straightened a picture that was hanging on the wall. It was a picture of everyone that he loved at a family event that was hosted at the hospital. It had been almost three years since Perry left the earth but he missed every day.

At first, he thought that he would never move on from the pain but over time, he did. His friends and family helped him realize that Perry wouldn’t want him to be like that. He would want him to move on from his life and make it better. He knew that everyone was right and slowly began to transition himself back into society.

Now he was able to smile at the sight of Perry’s picture and remember all the good times that they had together. He knew that Perry was up there watching him, making sure that he was alright. He also knew that one day they would see each other again and that is what kept him going on the days that he felt like he couldn’t

“One day” J.D smiled as he got into bed and turned off the light. “One day.”

 Hope I didn't make anyone sad by killing Perry off but at least I let him live a long time before I wacked him off.  Like I said hoped you liked it and if you didn't, don't really care. ~_~





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